August 8-10 in Orlando, FL

Less than 100 seats available for your chance to learn a lifetime of knowlege from this years speakers.
  • Joshua Carlton
  • Dave Tevenal
  • Jamy Carreno
  • Teresa Sharpe
  • Yogi Barrett
  • David Gluck
  • Liz Cook
  • Lefty Colbert
  • Myke Chambers

Hotel: Bohemian Hotel Celebration

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Joshua Carlton

Endlessly obsessed with pushing his art and the industry to the next level, Carlton is known for both black and grey and full color realism.
Joshua Carlton will be discussing the relationship of painting and tattooing and explaining how working in and understanding both mediums with enhance your art. He will also be covering his personal techniques in both mediums.

Dave Tevenal

An amazing force of nature, whose good vibes and energy is contagious, Dave has a unique style that transcends through his tattoos and paintings.

Jamy Carreno

Jamy Carreno has made her mark in the tattoo world over the last 12 years by traveling the world and working over 100 conventions. Evergreen Educational has invited her back to share her knowledge and tips on how you can maximize your time and profits while traveling. We all know how stressful setting up guest spots or going to conventions can be, Jamy discusses key points in order to make your life more simple so you can enjoy your time traveling, all while making money and a creating a solid reputation for yourself. She will be reviewing a few important topics from last year for the new attendees, and also adding in information about International travel. If there's anything you'd like to be discussed during her presentation, don't hesitate to reach out to her or us here at Evergreen and we'll do our best to accomodate. Thanks and see you all soon!

Teresa Sharpe

With a 4 year art degree and loads of style, Teresa is one of the most recognizable illustrative artists out there. She is known for her unique animals, linework and incredible detail.

Yogi Barrett

Yogi barrett will be covering his 5 step approach to color realism tattooing. Also covering how important things like work ethic, social media promotion, and brand building are for a tattooer in the current market. All the while covering everything from finding a reference, to taking a picture, and everything in between.

David Gluck

Gluck is a classically trained fine artist and has been featured in countless art magazines, galleries, and museums worldwide.
This seminar focuses on flesh color theory as it relates to oil painting and other media. Students will be given a logical way to interpret the complex colour transitions in skin with the help of a systematic palette set up.

Liz Cook

Holding a BFA, Liz is known for her inspiring color application with heavy saturation and dynamic contrasts. Cook deftly mixes realism with rendered illustrative elements to bring deeper meaning to her imagery.
This presentation will focus on two major aspects: color theory and technical application. Color portion will include color dimensions & illusions of the visual system from the modern tattoo perspective while examining ink mixology with a demonstrative walk through of color choices for potential pieces. Technical application will discuss the various combinations of needle choice, set up and hand movements on visual effects.

Lefty Colbert

Lefty will be covering Black and Grey fundamentals and finding yourself as a artist and Tattooer. International artist and family man, Lefty is known for his photorealism. No stranger to awards, Colbert claims the best award he can receive is the look of pure happiness on his clients face the first time they view their new tattoo.

Myke Chambers

Started from the bottom...
Things being covered but not limited to:
Experience, Strength and Hope,
Ethics of a tattooer,
Achieving maximum saturation.
We'll also be discussing the need for real tattooers to pull together and protect tattooing as a craft and a culture.